Lenovo ThinkPad W701ds Laptop

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Despite its massive size, Lenovo ThinkPad W701ds laptop is worth the purchase because it provides complete technologies and applications, almost comparable to a desktop workstation, with its fast processing capability and a second LCD screen.

When it comes to built-in features, one of the most impressive is the Wacom drawing tablet, a pressure sensitive panel that allows users to sketch pictures and control the hue and tone by changing the pressure of the pen to the tablet.  In addition to this feature, the laptop has tools for content-creation including Avid Media Composer, Painter 11, and 3D Studio Max 2011.

Meanwhile, visual artists will also benefit from this laptop with its Pantone HueyPRO hardware and software calibrators.  But consumers should be aware that since quality has never been cheap, they should expect that this portable computer starts at a price of $3,299 and may reach up to $6,000 if consumers would want to enjoy all the possible upgrades available in this laptop.

Another impressive feature is the Intel Core i7 X920 which runs at 2Ghz complemented by up to 8GB RAM, thus allowing the laptop to run different applications simultaneously without experiencing backlog.

While ThinkPad W701ds has not be particularly designed for hard-core gamers, this laptop uses nVidia Quadro FX 3800M graphics card that supports high-quality and high-resolutions videos, perfect for playing games which involved well-detailed graphics.  This powerful graphics card also maximizes the viewing experience of users who like to watch videos with their laptops.

Complementing the powerful graphics card is the 17-inch display that supports 1920 x 1200 pixel, allowing the screen to project images which come in bright and clear photos, with improved color contrast and brightness.

Meanwhile, the laptop uses a two-button touchpad that is relatively responsive and precise, in addition to the TrackPoint eraserhead.  Also, it has an ergonomically designed keyboard that is responsive to the touch, including several dedicated media buttons for fast access.

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