Norazza Data Destroyer

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Norazza Data DestroyerNorazza Inc., a manufacturer of various electronic products, has introduced its series of data destroyer devices which can provide a solution for safekeeping and securing confidential information and reports which are left on computers and other storage devices for media.

The Data Destroyer devices come in six models, each of these is made to crush, compress, or damage the inside layers of specific electronic and storage device. Here is the list of its models:

• Data Destroyer – DD9000
This device can physically destroy hard drive which prevents unauthorized retrieval and access of confidential data. This machine features a durable framework and mechanics which allows this to withstand heavy use. This device can also perform quiet and fast operation which can destroy hard drive in just 10 seconds.

• Data Destroyer Government PRO – DD3340
This device works by destroying both sides of discs to prevent confidential information and data to be read. This has been designed to provide user-friendly features.

• Data Destroyer – DD7000
This device features a portable design which allows users to carry this anywhere they want. This has a speed capacity of destroying 3.5-inch hard drive in less than 20 seconds. Other features are portable case, “Destruction Completion” indicator, and mechanical safety interlock which provides a safer operation.

• Data Destroyer Office PRO – DD3100
This device works by destroying both sides of CDs and DVDs which would prevent unauthorized use confidential data. This also features a compact design which allows users to store this device easily.

• Data Destroyer – DD3001
This device main function is to destroy old CDs and DVDs which can prevent unauthorized access to confidential data and information. This machine can destroy 15 discs per minute and features compact design to allow easy storage.

• Data Destroyer – DD3001B
This device prevents unauthorized access and use of data in old CDs and DVDs by destroying the inside layers of these storage devices. Its features are compact design which allows easy storage and detachable disc catcher. This machine has a speed capacity to destroy 15 discs per minute.

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