TVBLOB Box—Full TV Entertainment Media

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TVBLOB Box—Full TV Entertainment MediaTVBLOB, a company which manufactures interactive TV accessories, has recently introduced its latest device which allows people to use multimedia functions that will revolutionized the whole concept of TV viewing.

The TVBLOB Box provides highly interactive features to digital TV set that will provide users with video communication tool, Internet access, and file-sharing functions. With these capabilities, people will not be passive viewers who are only provided with limited control over their entertainment devices.

According to founder Fabrizio Caffarelli, this interactive device combines the power of Internet and TV that will allow people to maximize their media entertainment experience.

TVBLOB subscribers can make video calls using devices such as TV and digital video camera. They can simply connect the box to any of the said devices and they can already communicate to others using video calls.

Another impressive feature of TVBLOB Box is the compatibility to many media devices including Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) receiver which provides people with TVBLOB TV service and personal video recorder (PVR) for recording TV programs. Meanwhile, the company said it will also add USB 2.0 Technology in the near future.

Because users can have more control over their TV sets, they can personalize their TV experience based on their interests. To further improve the interactive feature, TVBLOB box also allows them to access various entertainment services and the latest information.

Another impressive feature of TVBLOB Box is the Bittorrent support that allows users to search and download torrent files of music, games, movies, software, and other applications. And to provide interactive Web experience, the device supports video streaming capability that allows users to watch and upload videos from YouTube and provides access to photo sharing sites such as Flickr.

Other features are: 160GB hard drive; DivX, Xvid, WMV, MP4, MOV, ASF format support; HDMI output; and Podcast management.

TVBLOB said the Box is already available in some parts of Europe, meanwhile, it did not provide when it will be launched in the US market.

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